Thursday, 4 June 2009


Evening all, just a quick post to say, i watched Big Brother and can officially say i will NOT be watching this year! totally crap, i hated everyone who went in..and i could care less about what happens to them inside that house. Although when all this is finished it will annoy me that these people Will be on every cover of every magazine for months to come! URGH..and all those plastics in there, oh dear "Lads Mags" everywhere just saw the pound signs..!! :P moving on from tired, today was a half day and weren't all that, good thing about today, i learn how to burn proper YOUTUBE clips on a dvd, haha my very own THTV DVD! :) Bad thing about today, none of the music Jess spent ages sending me last night worked, because of her format. URGH..sorry Jessy!! :P i still love you xD

Right all the NEW people coming here...say hellllllloooooo..
i dont bite, and i respond to everyone..!!

all my readers are quiet shy, they come and read but dnt say anything! Lol..
SO if your new here say hello! :)

right i am very ready for bed, im in my pyjamas already and im all comfortable..

Tokio Hotel Pj's - There amazing, i know! :)



Anna said...

i love the new picture on the side *points to your about me thing*

also, urgh big brother makes me sick. i don't understand why they get famous lol

your pjs are cooool =D
not a TH fan myself, but they're awsome =D

and ali is my boyfriend of 4 years :)


kathee said...

Hallo^^ e memso gira a tua kamisola *.*
se kiseres visita o meu blog : Http:// ^^

Anaa said...

sim...quer dizer, a minha mãe esteve no luxemburgo em 2006 e 2007. Agora já voltou e felizmente está comigo outra vez.
Não falas com a tua mãe? Estão chateadas?
Que mau!

Adoro a tua foto nova do blog *.*

Anaa said...

of course..i can understand it.
Não é agora que já tens mais de 20 anos que ela se vai lembrar de ser mãe...infelizmente ela perdeu os melhores tempos que uma mãe e um filho podem passar: a infância.
Que mau, é normal que te sintas magoada por ela te ter deixado.
mas agora está tudo bem...já és bem crescidinha, já não te deve custar tanto.

Sim, eu adoro a minha mãe. Ela tem defeitos, claro que os tem. È protectora demais e tudo isso, mas quando eu preciso está lá para mim, e ainda hoje em dia me segura na mãe quando eu estou nervosa.

Anna said...

lol i've realised that you do :)

hehe, heres a pic;

let me know what you think ;)

do you have facebook? :)


PrinceseCullen said...

Olá sou a PrinceseCullen :D
descobri hoje o teu blog e como é giro e tem musica linda , comentei *-*
adoro a tshirt OMG
que linda.

ps: não sei se te dá mais jeito falar em inglês ou português)

PrinceseCullen said...

Oh thanks: D you are super nice.
I will try to write in English but will be a shit xD so excuse the errors.
and thanks for the compliment.
As for Robert, yes he is beautiful.
And I love the music you have here on the blog, so I stay here a long time to hear
Kisses sweety *-*

Kaysnurf. said...

Aw, your pjs look really awesome!!! I want Slipknot ones. :T Btw, I would follow you if I knew how! Haha. x

Kaysnurf. said...

No worries, learnt how to :) x

Kaysnurf. said...

Ah lmao. Yeah, I got 3tops for £26!! Worth it really!
Yeah, we should all camden, it'll be rad! :D!

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