Tuesday, 9 June 2009

New Books For Me.

OK I'm a huge "Twilight" fan..and the whole vampire thing, well today i heard of a different type of book to do with vampires, which is apparently good too. I did my research and i found out that its a saga or a collection of 9 books altogether. The first one is called "Dead Until Dark" and the last one is called "Dead And Gone". They were written by an American called "Charlaine Harris" and she wrote them as books which the Americans have now picked up on and have made a TV Show based on them. The TV Show is called "True Blood". Altogether the collection of books are called "The Southern Vampire Mysteries" - Is everyone with me still?! still understanding?! I want to try and maybe read this collection of books too, after i have finished reading the whole "twilight" saga, I'm on "Eclipse", and then i will be moving on to "Breaking Dawn" but once i have finished these, i will get myself down to WHS and look to see if they have these books in store too. sounds like it could be an interesting read. I must also finish the "Harry Potter" books, i have about 3 more to go there..and then i really really want to read "The Millie Story" again,because it was just too beautiful the first time round! :)

The Book..

..And The TV Show.

I love To Read..


Joana Machado said...

Don't worry, I understand English. And If you wish we can talk in english rather that portuguese.
You're welcome, i found your Blog quite interesting and of course, you love Robert Pattinson and Twilight as I do.
Yeah, about my Blogs, I have 3. One it is about Twilight, the other one, which you comment on, it is about my writing projects, since I'm on my way to become a writer, my great passion.
But the one I use the most is Silent Thoughts.
I'm glad you liked it.
About the this post, of course I'm a huge fan of vampire related things. Actually I was really curious about this Book, Dead Until Dark. I had the chance to read a little bit in a Store, and I found it not so good, specially because of the type of writing. I thought it was very poor. And other thing that was a huge turn off, was the fact that it resembles a lot with Twilight and some of the characters have the exactly same habilities as twilight characters. The funny thing is that it was published first than Twilight.
But, okay, I think i'll give it an oportunity. I'm still waiting somebody to read first and then tell me what is like.

Oh Gosh, huge comment :D


Anna said...

I can't believe you haven't finished the Twilight series?!?! =O=O=O
or harry potter !!
I've read all the harry potter books like 4-5 times each
And the twilight series like 3 times :)



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