Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Lost Mobile

Hallo Leute/Ola Fofinhos.. waddd upp? So today was my half day from work, i only started at 2..had the whole morning off, and would have totally loved it, but i had some builders outside my house, and all you could pretty much hear the whole morning was their HUGE ass machines! So not impressed!! grr. To top it off the have built crappy holes everywhere, one right outside my front garden..when i saw then doing it i thought, "Great, what am i supposed to come into the house, JUMP like hopscotch." They covered it but it don't make a difference my street looks worse then it did before! arghhh. I also haven't really done a blog update about me in a while, lets see..on Monday it was a horrible day at work, just not good..i didn't enjoy it and there was too much drama, i was already having a bad day, so i went out at lunch and chilled for a bit, In the oval bit at the front of the nursery, i was messing about on my phone, looking at pictures of Tom and watching videos. i must have completely forgotten about my phone though, because i left it on the wall i was sitting on, because i wanted to get back into work quickly..This happened at 12:30 i only noticed at 5:15 that my phone was missing, well by then.. was gone. Someone had stolen it! :( now im overly depressed, with noo mobile, no Tom Pics, no videos, and some weirdo has my phone with all my pictures, my videos, my music, my TH stuff, my txts andd that *Pic*.. HMPH! so not impressed. I'm actually very depressed! :/ Keeley let me have an old phone she had, that was nice of her..theres no camera on it, it's ORANGE (company), no decent tunez, but i shouldn't complain..better then no phone at all...! All thats left for me to do now, is to leave you a picture of what the front of my house now looks like after the builders invaded..;;

(View from dads bedroom window)
TWATS leaving holes everywhere..not happy..!!

Thats All.

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Joana Machado said...

Gosh, I know exactly how it feels like because a couple years ago it started to appear in front of my house a small supermarket and the noise while they were building it was unbearable. And then, right now, I'm surrounded by lots of buildings, football fields, and still are appearing some new buildings. I was really afraid because I have such a magnificient view to the mountais from one side, and to the river and all Lisbon, from other side. I was afraid that someone build houses there and would steal my perfect view. But I'm lucky, I live on the 5th floor. :D
It's funny, I'm always really distracted but I never lost something like a phone. I would be depressed if it happend to me too.

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