Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Evening, Today is the mothers birthday, pretty crappy huh!? and best part was, i didnt think about it at all today..until i saw her on MSN :/ Last night before bed, i saw a new Tommi pic, and even though its annoying me for some reason or other, i'm just going to focus on the fact he looks like SEX on LEGS! lol :D *does jolly dance around room*..i do however think the reason im annoyed is the media, COR BLIMEY dont they like to blow everything out of proportion. i've actually talked to Chantelle (the girl in the picture) before about..a hot guy named Justin! :P and not Timberlake! LOL so yer unusual..but whateves.

um in other news tomorrow is my half day and i plan on coming home and sleeping till god knows what time, im literally so exhausted. im going bed as soon as this post is done too, gonna curl up and read some more "Eclipse".. nothing is new in my world at the moment, so its a pretty boring post. Kaka signed to Real Madrid, im NOT excited about that. :/ Real Madrid is like building "The Dream Team".. hmph. PFT. i think thats all for tonight..i'll blog more tomorrow and hopefully it will be good!


He looks amazing, i liebe his new much! ♥

Chat soon..


*IzzY_MeL* said...

AAAHHHHH ele tá lindoooo !!

Quem é ela? Não a conheço!! É muito bonita!

Anaa said...

ahahaha eu fico com o Jacob com muito gosto :P
Não entendi se era dia da mãe ou se são os anos da tua mãe.

6 dias para acabar a escola *.*

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