Tuesday, 5 May 2009

:) Manchester are winningg

Evening Bloggers, yesterday i didnt get a chance to really blog much because it was one of those days that everything went wrong!! right so whats new, Manchester United Vs Arse-nal is on, and im dead nervous.. :/ Come on you red devils..
HAHA no need to be so nervous, winning 3-0! :)
My background is still non exsitant till i can be bothered to make one, unless anyone here wants to offer?!?! are you good at making header banners?? if so let me know, i could really use your helppp.. :) I have started reading "Twilight!" omgg that book, Fucking amazing..i dont really fancy Edward in the film or Robert the actor, but Edward in the book sounds amazinggg..he's dead romantic. i want my own Edward Cullen, Vampire or Not! *sighs* i can't wait to get "New Moon", i went looking for it today but couldnt find it so i brought "One Tree Hill - Season 2" to add to my extended collection! ;) my hair is so greasy right now, its unberable..and i feel all grubby after a long day at work, can't wait to get in the shower after dinner. anyways, yesterday's outfit was rather nice..lookieee..

Blog Soon::


Anaa said...

ok, eu tinha que vir comentar isto, VIVA O MANCHESTER xD

( já agora sou a ana [tambem])
Tambem adoro o twilight *.* neste momento estou a ler o lua nova

Kristen Anderson™ [XaNiNHaHh*] said...

hmmm, I wanna see how your hair look like...and if that photo it's new I have to say that I really like your hair...it's really nice!!!

I'll dye my hair like ths color: http://i63.servimg.com/u/f63/11/43/15/84/l_b15d10.jpg
what you think???

well, i'm not gonna wear glasses xP I just need tham to see far away...to watch TV and that stuffs...but I preffer the contact lenses...so i just will put them at home xP


Kristen Anderson™ [XaNiNHaHh*] said...

essa foto da-me saudades dos dias em que estive ai...as casas sao maioritariamente feitas com esses tijolos vermelhos...acho bue lindo *-*

I want long hair too!!! I'm gonna put hair extensions (I don't know if I can say this word in english). I was looking for other hairdresser and she have the other kind of extensions that I want...less expensive wich is great! and I'll day in the same day...big change xP I'm anxious!!!
right...as me...without glasses I can't see the traffic signs x.x

anyway...i want to see your hair too after you go to your hairdresser =D


Kristen Anderson™ [XaNiNHaHh*] said...

eheh, I love the bitish culture..and that subject fascinate me..the houses are amazing! well, my opinion xP

wow, now I'm curious! I wanna see that picture from your sister!

I just hope this new hairdresser cut my hair like my old one. she is not that expensive as my old one... and I really have to save money xP (but her in village all hairdresser are less expensive than in the city and my old hairdresser is in the center of the city).

well, now I just have to save money and choose the day to do the big change **

pinkmagique said...

omfg!! i love this outfit!!
very nice miss ana! :)
love you

Ana said...

i cnt comment yours sammy, i dont know how to!! and i think i accidently got rid of one of your comments! oopps!

love you

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