Saturday, 9 May 2009

Into the wild

Happy Saturday World. This morning i woke up and came upstairs to watch the film "Into The Wild!" i found this film to be enjoyable, and for some reason i couldn't turn away from it! :/ It was about a guy who had got sick of living his parents dreams in his life, so decided to pack up his things and move to Alaska (bit drastic in my opinion) and basically live of the things the land gave him. NO money, NO house, was weird but good. I stopped watching 10 minutes before the end, so Monica could watch "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" and i missed the end, im hoping to maybe catch that bit tonight when it repeats on Sky Indie. I know that i left it on the bit where he wanted food and was angry that there was no animals for him to eat and i heard that in the end he starts to eat plants and confuses poison's plants with edible plants thus causing him to starve to death, after his immune system shuts down! :( aw that's no good, after all that. His parents were really worried, and he was loving living his life the way he finally wanted to. To die right at the end is so unjust. Kirsten Stewart popped up in the film too, she played Tracy a girl who lived in a trailer Park where he stayed for a bit, i think she really liked him, maybe even loved him and he was just happy to have some female company after so long! :) So yeah it was a good film, and the lead by Emile Hirsch is so fit! ;) maybe not soo much in this film, but others ive seen..example. "lords of Dogtown! :D


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