Sunday, 17 May 2009

16th Of May Is The Dad's Birthday!

Heyy. Yesterday was my daddy's birthday and me and the girls were stuck for what to get him, he told me he wanted an MP3 but 2 days before his birthday he walked in shouting he was too old for it and so had changed his mind! :/ i have no idea why!? normally i would have still brought him the MP3 but he was really sure and positive he didnt want it! so we were back to square one. Monica and Sylvia went shopping with friends and they brought him a t-shirt with "Daddy cool" written on it which was really cute, and i decided to stick to something i knew he would like.. i got him 5 CD's of Country music! (probably the cheesiest CD ever brought.) but if it cheers him up and he likes it then why not. I also got him "Queen" CD, i love them and so does he, its something we share in common! so its all good i dont mind him blaring that CD out. LOL
anyways pictures of the gifts;

And havnt got a picture of my daddy, i did on the old computer but we lost them all, when we got the virus! :( besides trying to get a photo of my dad is like trying to hold water in your hands - IMPOSSIBLE.

P.s - Dad was really really happy with the card we got him, The Manchester united GROUP card. hehe.

Happy Birthday Daddy.

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Anaa said...

´não, eu durmo semrpe mal no temopo de aulas.
Quer tenha testes ou exames ou não. È estranho. Preocupo-me demais com a escola. :/

Oh, que fixe. Gostas do que fazes portanto?

Amanha não tenho aulas *.*

Gostas dos Jonas Brothers? Eu adoro-os, são a minha banda preferida, mas não vêm a Portugal.
Mais uma das coisas boas de Londres! Todos os artistas vão a londres.

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