Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Olaa Lovers, ;)
Tudo bem com voces.. ya? wie geht's? Today, lets see what happened..?? work was work i suppose alright, stressy but ok. At lunch time i went into the big oval bit in front of work and read "Twilight", (i think im beginning to get addicted) xD got sooo interesting, it was on the part where the chase started and i needed to read more that i was nearly late back to work. i didnt want to put the book down. lol apart from that a pretty rubbish day..! 28th may countdown, its monicas Birthday.. & .. T-shirts are on sale..! My back is killing me, after 3 days of making fun of Renee at work because of her back, i have now been punished by god, My back is killing me and i've asked sylvia to rub some of that Chinese cream into my back tonight. er. Also applying for my driving licence tomorrow, i took the pictures and got everything signed off ready to go. Woop De Fucking Doo, about time. Theres really no point to this blog, because as always its dry and boring, i hate days like these i feel that they are wasted. i have pictures, new pictures from jade's piss up the other night to upload, once i get rid of red eye, and i havnt even started to watch "One Tree Hill - Season 2" yet.. :/ i may go buy the twilight DVD :D and i need to call the heating people, to come fix the boiler. ohh what fun that shall be. Coursework to start doing again soon, and then getting prepared for my assessor who is coming to see me again this month. :( Depressed. right im going to leave you with a picture of me this morning before work and a picture of me and the best friend Joanne being prats.!

Me and Jo

ME: Today



Anonymous said...

Amiee- rofl i'm obsessed with waterloo road too! :D
To be honest i can't be bothered to go shopping tomorrow xD
I can make you a banner if you like? Just email me some photos of you, and what you'd like written on it ? (:

Anonymous said...

You look so beautiful! Really good!

I like Man United only because David played there, but I hate Alex Ferg. cause he hit David with a pair of boots after a game. And I don't like Cristiano Ronaldo either. I just support MU because David =)

Anonymous said...

Bahaha! You turd, forgetting your name but uhuh I knew it was you bb!
Nah didn't go shopping lol, went and watched Star Trek this evening, fucking fantastic film! Go see it!
So, i'll be on msn from like 1pm tomorrow :D so ja if your about we shall chatter xD

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