Saturday, 2 May 2009


Hello all, i just got in from hours and hours of shopping...which i brought great amazing shit loads of materialistic things. i'll post pictures laterr, now im off to eat some food, and get ready to go to jade's house with sylvia and have a proper piss up with the girls! :)
by the way, underground service didnt run today and decided to fuck everything up for us..we went back and forth trying to find some underground station that was open, only for us to realise they were all shut and we needed to get the bus! :P not impressed..
mare street is nothing, i repeat nothing like OXFORD ST :(
Also our bus journeys didnt run smoothly either, from bus diversions, to bus breakdowns, to wrong bus information, it all happened today but i couldnt be too angry because we had so much jokes trying to figure everything out. lol

P.S. To the Turkish Couples on the bus, one word.. EWWW..
and to the man/woman, um, wtf?
thats more later bloggers..

Love ya'll

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