Saturday, 18 April 2009

um, good day and then STALKERS!

Hello World//
today has been a good day for mich..i went up to wood green to return some jeans and brought a new pair of shoes as well as a trading for my jeans! heetee. i brought a silly little heart braclet which is abit tight in all fairness.. :/ and i brought monica a top, but the best bit was going into HMV to buy a "Lisboa CD" (which is totally crap by the way, all FADO!!! - it didnt NOT say that on the cover though) grr, anyway the cute guy who was there last time i went, was there again! *SIGHS* i was in the queue for the blonde other guy but his queue moved faster, so i went to sexy! then we came home after going to the cafe as well! :) when i got home i heard all the "stalker Tokio" stuff, oh meine gott, some people are just a little sick in the head if you ask me..i mean attacking their mum?! WTF! ich weiss nicht. WEIRDOS! Lets see where this all leads, but for some reason i have a smile on my face.. haha.


UMMMMM....haha okk, freaky things stalkers..!

Anyway moving on from them, dont really wanna give them any more attention then their all ready getting...after all this news stuff i went and got macdonalds and then in the evening i fell asleep, i know boring ass that i am. lol and thats been my day, really happy with my new shoes, they show off my tattoo really well! ima upload a tattoo picture nowww..for everyone that is requesting it! :P

P.s- Some fans are weird, ome minute its all "Oh what a loser, he shouldnt do that, whats wrong with him??", next minute its all "OMG he's a hero, im on his side!" <---- umm ok then..

Love you.


*IzzY_MeL* said...

Também andaste a fazer compras! :)

Essa história das miúdas francesas que os perseguiam todo o dia e ameaçam a mão deles, eu acho que deviam estar num hospital a ser tratadas muito seriamente! É assustador haver alguem assim tão obcecado! Não têm amor próprio e ficam tão desesperadas que não se importam que os seus proprios ídolos as odeiem, desde que saibam quem elas são... isto não faz sentido!

Se quiseres posso enviar-te músicas de portugal :) sem ser fado, como aquelas músicas que passam na rádio e discotecas . Se quiseres diz que eu dou-t o meu email e addicionas-me no msn ;)

Beijoo *Iz*

DeeDee said...

Ewwww they look so ugly!

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