Friday, 3 April 2009

my challenge

Hey Heyy, i have been challenged by joana.. so here it goes.

write a list of 8 things you dream about doing before you die..
♥invite 8 blogs to do the same thing..
♥Write on the blog of whoever challenged you..
♥Write on the blog of the 8 people you invited so they also know they've been challenged..

So.. 8 things i wanna do before i die?

1- Go to Australia and climb the Sydney Harbour bridge.
2- Spend a Whole week with the amazing tom kaulitz and his Gibson.
3- Have my own car and house somewhere sunny.
4- Make love in a waterfall. (would be nice to include tom here as well) :P
5- Get a tattoo with meaning and importance.
6- Visit rome, venice, paris (again) barcelona, new york, brazil, LA, Algarve, and more.. [TRAVEL THE WORLD]
7- Swim with a dolphin.
8- Fall deeply in love -- helplessly and unconditionally.

I challenge Sylvia, Shannon, Jess, Diane & kayleigh [i hope thats enough] xD

Have fun..


Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll add your blog too, in "minha lista de blogues"..=) Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Yah I got it when I read your post.
Thank you so much for adding me, is a great honor =)

Anonymous said...

Nothing to do, just talking with a friend in MSN.My life is so boring =/
And your night?

Anonymous said...

Have a good night. And a good morning of shopping!

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