Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter 2009

Hello World, How have you guys been?? I'm shattered lately and i don't even know why. Yesterday i went to the tattoo parlour and talked to them about my tattoo, they booked me for Wednesday at 12 with RUBEN who is Portuguese, he thought my tattoo idea was funny and really cool. I'm so fucking excited for it, but i know its gonna hurtt. teehee. I'm taking Sylvia with me for comfort.. lol i also talked to uncle tino online and he took the laptop for me to see grandad in the hospital. was really sweet of him, but i think grandad started crying..and i too was a little sad to see grandad in that way. he's gonna be operated on, on Thursday so it looks like i will be going under the needle before him. I will brave it out for my grandad..! Today i did my work but not nearly as much as i would like, i have to stop procrastinating, the woman is coming to see me on the second day back..and she wants to watch me with the children. oh what fun. I'm so not looking forward to going back to work..the boss is back and i have an exam type thing. :/ Joanne came over the other night and we mashed about to music, although Jo hardly knew any of the songs so funny, we took pictures which will be up soon. It was a good night even if it meant frizzy hair, blue tights, and weird mash poses! lol. finally some much needed time with my bestie. Watched Charlie and the chocolate factory today too as an Easter treat. haha i love me some johnny depp.. :) twas brilliant. Ich hoffe, Sie hatten alle eine gute Ostern voller Schokolade und Ɯberraschungen...! ;P

Until next time


Kristen Anderson™ [XaNiNHaHh*] said...

eheh ok^^ and I say the same =) then let me know if it hurts xP


Anonymous said...

Well I made a post recently about my future tattoo, search in the first page of my blog, or in the sidebar for "Tattoo".
It will be 3 stars in my right hip. I saw a photo of Rihanna's tattoo in the neck, lots of stars, but I will make just 3 stars.

Good luck for your big day, I'm going to the tattoo artist this weak too, to reservate a day for it.

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